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Please see below for the Terms and Conditions (T&C) and the privacy policy of PT. MOONRISE ENTERTAINMENT BALI(MOONRISE).

By completing a booking on MOONRISE, you agree unequivocally to the T&C and Privacy Policy below. MOONRISE also has the right to change, amend in part or in a whole, these T&C and Privacy Policy.

As a result, T&C applicable in the future may vary from those applicable in this instance. At no time is MOONRISE obliged to inform you of these changes.

1. Data Collection and Use Of Your Personal Information

MOONRISE will collect personal data about you which includes but is not limited to your name and email, billing and credit card information, demographic information such as age and gender, for the following purposes.

the aim to give you a better experience and show you relevant information, and to complete the purchase transaction.

  • To show you relevant information, and to complete the purchase transaction
  • To give you a better experience

Use of the Cookie / Web beacons / IP addresses

On our websites, we use the cookie, web beacons, and IP addresses  for the following purposes:

  • To troubleshoot and resolve any problems on the server
  • To improve the content of websites, e-mails, etc.
  • To use as statistical data without identifying individuals

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Use of Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to monitor browsing status on our website. Google Analytics uses first-party cookies to collect access information to our website without identifying individuals.
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About SSL

Our website supports “SSL” to protect your personal information. By using a browser that supports security functions, personal information such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers entered by customers are automatically encrypted and transmitted/received, so in the unlikely event that transmitted data is intercepted by a third party If you do, you don’t have to worry about the content being stolen.

If you use a browser that does not support SSL, you may not be able to access our website or enter information.

2. Security Of Your Personal Information

We do not disclose personal information in any case, except in the following cases:

  • With your consent
  • To disclose to business partners who have a business alliance agreement with us to the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose of use
  • When some of our services are succeeded by another company(we will make every possible effort to prevent leakage of personal information and unintended use at the successor)
  • In addition to the above, when disclosure to a third party is permitted by relevant laws or guidelines

3. Use Of Your Personal Opinions and Requests

You acknowledge that MOONRISE will own the rights to use your opinions, requests, suggestions, etc. to our Company to promote the MOONRISE business, unless otherwise restricted.

However, in case that the opinion with your personal identification is made public or disclosed to a third party, the consent of the person shall be obtained in advance.


MOONRISE and you as our client will own the copyright of the pictures and the videos from your shooting session. By using MOONRISE you agree to let MOONRISE use the pictures and the videos at its own discretion on the media channels owned by MOONRISE, including by not limited to the MOONRISE BLOG, SNS ACCOUNTS, YOUTUBE CHANNEL, HOMEPAGE.

At the same time, MOONRISE will directly confirm your intent on the day of shooting to use the pictures and the videos on the media channels owned by MOONRISE. In case you disagree, we will not release the pictures and the videos.

If there are any problems with the content or images on the media channels owned by MOONRISE, please contact the right holder directly to the inquiry form or e-mail address. We will respond after confirmation.

You acknowledge and agree that:

  • MOONRISE will own the copyrights of all the pictures and the videos that MOONRISE created and produced, and we reserve the right to use them to promote the MOONRISE business
  • you agree to give MOONRISE consent for all the pictures and the videos produced by MOONRISE to be published, displayed or used for the benefit of MOONRISE and to release all the rights to claim for any the profit or further compensation, in whatsoever manner, that may arise from such use.

You agree to release MOONRISE from all liability for libel, invasion of privacy, and all causes of action whatsoever in relation to the pictures and the videos their making and use, you or your property including without limitation any liability for alteration of the pictures and the videos, whether intentional or otherwise, that may occur during the making, editing or subsequent use of the pictures and the videos.

5.Booking Time

Our main service is to offer shooting plans by Japanese photographers. By booking an 8-hours-shooting-plan for example from 13 pm till 21 pm, you just have them available for you during those 8 hours. If you move to a different location during the shooting plan, the travel time is also included in the 8-hour session. Also, if you are late for the start time of the shooting plan, the delay will be deducted from the 8-hour session.

The brightness of the shooting environment affects the number of photos.
For example, it is possible to take many photos in continuous shooting during a day when the sun is sufficiently bright, but since sunset and nighttime are performed in a dark shooting environment, it takes more time to take a single photo. the regulation number of photos in each shooting plan is based on the case where the shooting plan starts from 13:00 AM at the latest. If you start a shooting plan after the evening, the number of deliveries may be lower than the regulation.

6.Refund Policy

Please see below for Refund Policy

Flow and Refund Policy


MOONRISE will edit all the images we provide to you. Basically, we edit the brightness and color balance to enhance the beauty of the images. With an extra fee, we can probide some special editing such as making a person look slimmer. After editing, you will receive the photo converted to a JPEG file. The original data before editing cannot be given.

8.Travel Expense

MOONRISE mainly provide photography service in Bali, Indonesia. The shooting fee and option fee described on our website will be applied when you use the service locally while traveling to Bali, Indonesia. The travel target areas included in shooting plans are as follow; Kuta, Seminyak, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, and Sanur. Use in other areas will incur additional charges for distant places and room rates for photography staff.

9.Other Expense

If you wish to shoot at your hotel, restaurant or wedding venue, you will need to check the shooting rules yourself and pay a shooting permission fee if necessary. Some facilities may prohibit shooting, so please check in advance if you would like to shoot at these facilities.

Shooting plans does not include entrance fees for sightseeing spots or theme parks. If you wish to shoot in a place where entrance fees and facility usage fees are incurred, you will need to pay the entrance fee of the shooting staff.


MOONRISE and the affiliated companies involved in the shooting operation do not take any responsibility for the loss or theft during use.


By booking a photo plan with MOONRISE you waive or give up certain legal rights, including the right to sue of claim compensation following an accident, now or in the future. You agree to waive any and all claims, and release MOONRISE and the affiliated companies involved in the shooting operation from all liability and agree not to sue MOONRISE and the affiliated companies involved in the shooting operation for any personal injury, death, property damage or other loss that you sustain during or as a result of a MOONRISE photo plan. You as a client, hereby agree as follows:

  • To waive all claims that I have or may in the future have against PT. MOONRISE ENTERTAINMENT BALI and the affiliated companies involved in the shooting operation, and to release PT. MOONRISE ENTERTAINMENT BALI and the affiliated companies involved in the shooting operation from any and all liability for any loss, damage, expense or injury including death that I may suffer or that my next of kin may suffer as a result of my participation in MOONRISE photo plans, due to any cause whatsoever, including negligence, breach of contract, or breach of any statutory or other duty of care on the part of PT. MOONRISE ENTERTAINMENT BALI and the affiliated companies involved in the shooting operation.
  • To hold harmless PT. MOONRISE ENTERTAINMENT BALI and the affiliated companies involved in the shooting operation from any and all liability for any property damages or personal injuries to any third party resulting from my participations photographic activities or related activities to the photoshoot, which might include walking, hiking, swimming, riding on animals, getting on a boat, or other activities that are related to the photo shoot.


Our website contains links to websites (including advertising pages) other than ours and business partners who have a business alliance agreement with us. Although we take great care in selecting links, we are not responsible for the protection of information, services, or personal information provided on any other website.

Our website may handle information and content that is not under our control, such as general information about Bali and related information about travel and weddings. While we endeavor to provide as accurate information as possible, there are times when erroneous information is introduced and information is outdated.We are not responsible for any damage caused by the information on our website.

13.Contact Information

MOONRISE welcomes your questions or comments regarding this Privacy Policy. moonrise.et@gmail.com

I confirm that I have read and fully understood the Terms of Use Disclaimer before booking PT.MOONRISE ENTERTAINMENT BALI’s shooting plans and options, and I, my heirs, relatives, executives, operators, assignees and representatives Acknowledges that it waives general legal rights to PT. MOONRISE ENTERTAINMENT BALI, its photographers, employees and stakeholders.